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manasi ubacha:

"Jokhoni gaan gayibe
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Ke bolechhilo? Hutumthumo gNaaDrey oto dom neyi. Neyi aaro anek-eri. Tobe kichhu-kichhu manushi-r thaake.

Boltey paaro sentimental melodrama. Hutumthumo bolbe: kaan chapati kaake bole jana aache? Dekabo?

Tarpori aNtlamo-r dhaal-taro'al -

o door se toofan ka kartey haiN nazara
Un ke liye toofaan yahaaN bhi hai, wahaaN bhi
Dhaare meiN jo mil jaaoge, ban jaao ge dhaara
Hai waqt ka elaan, yahaaN bhi hai, wahaaN bhi


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10:39 AM  
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Hok ..Singur-r sob salara Noksal hok. Buddhababu-r sajano bagan toch-noch koruk. Taate jodi ektu buke santi ashe.

2:38 PM  
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